Imagine doing the thing that lights you up all day AND getting paid for it...

Do you have or are you dreaming of your own business and the freedom it could bring? Do you have a craft, farm product, or food product that you are excited to share with the world? Are you tired of the work of craft shows and farmer's markets? Want to make some REAL money off of the thing you love making? Have a small farm and want to turn it into something that will replace your 9 to 5 j-o-b? Then your in the right spot!

It was about the freedom...

Well, howdy! Thanks for stopping by! 

My name is CeAnne (like see-ann run), I'm the co-owner of Farmhouse Teas and Grow Create Sip with my husband, whom I affectionately refer to as the Farmer. Over 7 years ago we had a dream of owning our own business.

  • One that would replace our income
  • Give us the freedom to live the life-style we dreamed of
  • WITHOUT being a SLAVE to the 9-5
  • That gave our children the experience of entrepreneurship
  • Created a work environment that would benefit our special needs children
  • Built us a life we didn't WANT or NEED to retire from
  • Providing a product/service that served a PURPOSE

It took lots of struggles, and trials, and failures (we refer to those as teaching moments), but by the grace of God we now are full time business owners. We work, school and homestead here on our 2 acre farm in Western Oregon full-time. Serving our farm family every day with tasty yet healthy loose leaf teas that help them bring wellness into their lives and cheer into their hearts. Our 4 adopted children work with us side-by-side so that we can be a FULL TIME family. Living and learning with each other every day.

We started in our kitchen...

We would blend tea before and after meals in our tiny farmhouse kitchen. We had to cook and clean up each meal so we could work and then do it again. The labels were printed on an inkjet printer, then hand punched. Each bag filled by hand and sealed with our clothes iron. It's funny to think about, but that is how most of us small businesses get started! Now we have a 600 sq foot studio dedicated to blending our teas and it fully supports our family of 6. Giving not just ourselves a paycheck, but others as well. Including our teenage boys, a paid photographer, an ad manager, a team of affiliates, a virtual assistant, and more! We are grateful for how we can help other's through our tea business and are excited to share with you how you can do the same with your dream!

How NOT to build the airplane on the way down ...

While we worked on our herbal business plan for 7 years it wasn't until the last 3 or so that things really started to head in the right direction. We had to go to the school of hard knocks first. We had to sacrifice some things and we had to fail a few times. But what we learned in that season we hope to share with you here so that you can speed up those 7 years or those 3 years and take your idea, your food item, your farm products, your craft and turn the thing you love into something that can support your family and your dreams.

Why Branding & Marketing is SO IMPORTANT

Getting your dream and product off the ground all has to do with how you apply the SECRET SAUCE.

The Ideal Customer

To turn your hobby into a business you have to have a customer that buys a product. And comes back to buy it again, and again. If you have a product and no customers to buy it, there is no business. But it can't just be any customer! It has to be the right one.

Communicating your message FAST

A picture is worth 1000 words right? When your brand is your picture, it's important, it's essential that is speaks to your ideal customer FAST. Like in 6 seconds or less.

Creating an Experience

The #1 way to stand out in a market that already sells soap, jam, pastured chickens, vinegars, or teas is to focus on the customer experience through your branding & marketing. ESPECIALLY if you want to expand to the online market.


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