Join other farm loving and natural minded friends while growing in your herbal knowledge! It's going to be a fun adventure!

Oil infusions! Lip Balm! Growing Herbs! Dehydrating, herbal journals, Oh, my!

I'm already sold on the features from friends who recommended it, how do I get started?

Meet the tea-cher!

Simply your Herbal Medicine Journey!

Imagine if you had access to simple, easy to follow tutorials. A library of resources at your finger tips that had you crafting your own handmade skin care (like lip balm and salves), or blending your own teas. Your very own hand crafted gifts to give or herbal products to sell. This is the Herbal Studio.

Experience Hands on Learning

Learn Herbal Medicine through hand crafting your very own herbal creations! This library of video tutorials and printable directions will lead you step-by-step! Quick videos that will have you making in no time!

Simple Tutorials that Get you Learning Fast

Whether you have 15 minutes a day or an hour a day to spend learning about herbal medicine, this communi-tea features a plan for both busy people and those with more study time. You choose your learning speed.

Printable & Video Content

With over 10 E-books on various herbal and kombucha topics as well as past and present Digital Grow Create Sip Magazines and a library of video content there is something for everyone!

It's like an all-you-can-eat herbal buffet! Pick and Choose what you want to learn!

Herbal Studio will give you the foundations necessary for your herbal creation and medicine journey!

Videos & e-courses that put you on the fast track to creating your own herbal goodness!  A fun, guided way to learn about herbs with staff to help answer your questions.

Monthly Herbal Monographs are added to the ever growing library, so that you can continue to grow your own herbal journal. The perfect tool for looking up herb safety and uses!

I'm ready to learn! How do I start?

Ready to join in the fun and get started? Like minded, herb loving, crafting friends are waiting for you to join ! Hop on the wait list to be the first to know when we open agian!

Blend your own tea blends with some of our secret recipes from Farmhouse Teas along with other medicinal blends & full-on medicinal teas e-course.

My talented and knowledgeable helpers and I are here to answer your herbal questions under each video and content section as needed!

You pick what you learn! E-courses and new tutorials available quarterly. Craft your own easy-to-use,  simple library of all things herbal with new friends on the same journey!

What's Included in Herbal Studio?

Trained & Knowledgeable Help

Access to our trained staff is available to you in every lesson be it brewing kombucha, to learning how to use herbs as medicine, recipes, tech help and more! Get direct answers to your very specific questions - no need to hunt around on Google!

In-depth Plant Monographs

What's a monograph? A picture of an individual herb. Each will cover safety considerations, dosage amounts, planting and harvesting tips, companion planting, medicinal uses and more! The library of monographs grows monthly! Print and add to your herbal journal! Consider it an in-depth study on individual herbs.

Video Tutorials & E-Courses!

All the herbal goodness without the woo woo! Learn how to infuse oils, turn them into salves and lip balms. Blend your own teas for sipping and medicinal uses. Craft your own herbal journal. Grow your own herbs from seed to harvest. Dry them and store them for use and everything in between. Don't forget all things brewing Kombucha!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have asked questions so we hope that this answers them for you. If not please email (ceanne at farmhouseteas dot com) and we will do our best to answer the questions not on the list!

Awesome quick-to-access tutorials, printables and videos!

  • 2 New Herbal Monographs Monthly
  • Library of Past Monographs (60+ and growing)
  • Video tutorials & Full e-courses  putting you on the fast track to learning.
  • Video tutorials on the basics of herbal preparations
  • Digital Copies of past and Present Grow Create Sip Magazines
  • Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces E-Course
  • Kombucha Mastery E-Course
  • Trained help to answer your questions directly

Think of the Herbal Studio as a complementary resource library to the Medicinal Teas & Kombucha mastery e-courses. You get the additional Herbal Studio Resources Or if you haven't purchased ANY courses get everything in one spot!

  • 2 new Herbal Monographs Monthly!
  • Library of previous Herbal Monographs (60+ and growing)
  • Indepth tips on growing specific plants, kombucha tips and lessons and more (coming soon!)
  • The Whole Kombucha Mastery E-Course
  • Reinforcement lessons to make sure those Medicinal Tea lessons really take root.
  • 2 years worth of live webinars and Q&A's
  • A library of e-book content & more!

Sure thing! Sign up for a month and if it isn't what you were expecting or doesn't end up working with your budget leave at any time. Remember though, this Herbal Studio is only open for enrollment a few times a year. Membership prices may increase between enrollment periods. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Herbal Stuido and all of its simple step-by-step tutorials, printable directions, growing herbal monograph library, quarterly digital Grow Create Sip Magazine, 2 full fledged e-courses (Medicinal Teas and Kombucha Mastery) is only a step away.

Membership Valued at $3775+

60+ Herbal Monographs & 2 New Ones Monthly Valued at $60+

Video Tutorials (tea blends, lip balm/salve, gardening & more) Valued at $400+

24+ recorded specialty Webinars & Q/A's Valued at $200

Medicinal Teas Course (6 hours of instruction) Valued at $1500

Kombucha Mastery E-Course (40+ Video tutorials of instruction) Valued at $1500

Library of 10+ in-depth E-books Valued at $75+

Quarterly Grow Create Sip Magazine (Digital Version) Library Past and Present (Currently 4 copies & growing) Valued at $40+



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The Herbal Studio & Communi-tea opens July 1st 2021! You will be the first to know when the new herbal challenge and like-minded communi-tea open again!