All The Tools You Need To be your own herbalist at home!

Kombucha Mastery Course

D.I.Y. Kombucha at Home - Capture the Fizz for Pennies at Home! If you can brew sweet tea then you can make kombucha at home! Kombucha at the store is expensive. Organic bottled kombucha can cost nearly twenty cents per ounce. You can make kombucha at home for less than three cents per ounce. From first ferments, to continuous brew, flavoring & advanced learning.

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Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces

Confidently Grow and Blend Medicinal teas easily with this road map. Imagine if you could take common herbs and confidentially turn them into powerful medicines that improved your own wellness as well as that of your family and friends. Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces will give you the life time learning and foundations necessarily for your herbal medicine journey!

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Herbal Studio

Imagine if you had access to simple, easy to follow tutorials. A library of resources at your finger tips that had you crafting your own handmade skin care (like lip balm and salves), or blending your own teas. Your very own hand crafted gifts to give or herbal products to sell. As well as a communi-tea of like-minded budding herbalists to share with and ask questions of!

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