Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces

Take simple and common herbs and turn them into powerful medicinal teas!


I'm so excited to start blending my own medicinal teas!

I'm already sold on the features from friends who recommended it, how do I get started?

Turn Common Herbs into Powerful Medicines

Imagine if you could take common herbs and confidentially turn them into powerful medicines that improved your own wellness as well as that of your family and friends.

Experience Hands on Learning

Learn Herbal Medicine through hand crafting your very own medicinal teas! This course will walk you through the steps, and the flavors, that put you in a place where you can confidently use herbs!

Self Paced, To the Point, Lessons

Whether you have 15 minutes a day or an hour a day to spend learning about herbal medicine, this course features a plan for both busy people and those with more study time. You choose your learning speed.

Life Time Course Member Access

Cut through all that "googling" for this herb or that herb and the frustration of trying to figure out what to use when. Life time course access allows you to always come back and reference the information in the course.

Confidently Grow and Blend Medicinal Teas Easily with this Simple Road Map

Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces will give you the life time learning and foundations necessarily for your herbal medicine journey!

Learn how to grow your own quality herbs from seeds, starts and cuttings. Also how to source quality dried herbs.

Gain basic dehydrating skills to preserve your herbal harvest, herbs from the store and know how to tell when herbs have gone bad.

Turn herbal sipping teas into powerful medicinal infusions & decoctions.

Learn how to confidently pick the right herb(s) for the job.

How to use herbs safely and in their proper dosages.

Which is the easier way to learn about medicinal teas? Googling it? OR drinking and blending them?

What's Included in this Course

Tea Triangle Road Map

Learn all about using the Tea Triangle for formulating your medicinal teas! It's like a road map to take you from where you are to where you need to be. You won't get lost in google with these directions!

11 In-depth Plant Monographs

What's a monograph? A picture of an individual herb. Each will cover safety considerations, dosage amounts, planting and harvesting tips, companion planting, medicinal uses and more!

18 Short but Detailed Videos

We kept these videos short and too the point without any woo woo! Learn how to blend medicinal teas, source herbs or grow them yourself and start your own herbal medicinal journal!

20+ Medicinal Tea Recipes

Over 20 medicinal tea recipes ready to blend! Blends cover such issues as stress & anxiety, headaches, cold and flu, pain and inflammation, the immune system and more.

Dehydration Mini Course

Learn the basics of dehydrating home grown or fresh bought herbs to achieve the best quality. From fruits, roots, berries and leaves to flowers! This mini dehydration course will have you dehydrating all sorts of things.

Dedicated Tea-m To Answer Your Questions!

Our dedicated tea-m is behind the scenes ready to answer your question on any video in the class. Get direct help and support as you learn!

I'm ready to learn! How do I start?

Ready to dive in and get started? People just like you are learning how to turn common herbs into powerful medicines, RIGHT NOW! Grab your spot here!

Meet the tea-cher!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the deets that everyone else is after too!

This course was crafted for busy mamas, homesteaders, beginning home herbalists, caregivers, homeschoolers, gardners, survivalists, lovers of the self sufficient life, budget minded people who want to better their health through herbal medicine.

Perhaps you are well on your herbal medicine journey and you know a few things like the proper way to formulate herbal medicines, or the difference between a decoction and infusion and sipping tea. This course may not be for you, as you are further along on your herbal journey! 

None. If you don't want to purchase any of the herbs to make teas and are just here for the info there is no need to spend any money. If you would like to blend along with me though there are 10 basic herbs that will get you going and a list of others that you can slowly add to your home apothecary as you desire. We also dehydrate fruits, leaves, berries, and roots in the course. Your welcome to purchase those as well to follow along or just learn by watching and using what you have. No need to buy a dehydrator as we cover options to use without one. The options are endless and up to you!

1st- Learn the Foundations of Herbal Medicine and Medicinal Teas through video and printables

2nd- Watch short 15-20 minute videos on 10 common herbs that get turned into powerful medicines

3rd- Create 2 medicinal teas for hands on herbal experience

4th- Build your own herbal medicine reference book along the way with both printed monographs as well as ones that you create.

You have life time access to this course once you purchase it and are welcome to come back to any video and lesson as often as you wish! Courses are being dripped out now and will all be available by the end of December 2019. Bonus material coming January of 2020!

Yes! This course was created especially with students in mind who may be living in an apartment in town with no more room than a pot indoors to grow herbs or a small cabinet to store botanicals in. It was also crafted for those with an acre or more who have plenty of space. We address both small and big spaces in this course.

While there are 20 tea blend recipes in this course, it is not considered a tea blending recipe book. This course provides 3 tools giving you the roadmap to creating your own medicinal teas. Personalized for your needs rather than a tea for this and a tea for that.

See What Other's Are Saying

"... such great information for health, recipes and just good down-home stories! Thank you for sharing! "

KathyLee B.

""I am really enjoying the class so far. And I love the fact that I can watch the videos at my convenience. Sometimes I'll go a few weeks without watching and then I'll binge watch 4 or 5 videos. It is super convenient. What motivated me to take the class was my desire to try to substitute medicinal herbs for pharmaceuticals. There is a time for pharmaceuticals and there is a time when just a cup of medicinal tea will work instead. I'm trying to find that balance." "


"" Your classes are fantastic, I’m enjoying then very much. I’ve wanted to make my own teas and your classes gave me the opportunity to do so. There are a lot of classes out there and many left me frustrated, but not yours. I love tea. Hot tea, sweet ice tea, herbal teas. I lived in Europe so I learned to start my mornings off with a good strong breakfast tea and my love for tea grew. Making my own teas is really the most logical step.""


""I’m really enjoying the class and so far it is everything I’d hoped it would be. I LIKE the amount of information and I think it’s just right, not too much. I like your teaching style, also. I took the class for multiple reasons. I’m growing many of my own herbs for medicinal reasons and want to know more things to use them in. I’d like to blend teas as gifts and for my own use, whether they’re medicinal or just for relaxing. And I just love learning more about herbs and teas!""


Alight! I'm READY to confidently learn how to blend medicinal teas, but how much does this course cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces is a Foundational Course in Herbal Medicine. This course not only gives you the foundation to blend your own medicinal teas, but also the applications for crafting additional forms of herbal medicine. Its a way to formulate other medicines such as herbal salves & balms, tinctures, lip balms, lotion bars and more, not just tea! As well as a foundational mini course in dehydrating!

This Course is Valued at over $1500

Herbal Education & Tea Blending (20+ Tea Recipes) Valued at $1250-2500 Mini Dehydrating e-Course $100 Bonus Content & Material $150+ TOTAL VALUE = $1500 -$2500

Course w/ Tea Blends Valued $1250 -$2500

Blend 20+ Medicinal Teas & Learn the Skills to create 100's More! Apply your medicinal tea knowledge to creating your own tinctures, salves & balms!

Mini Dehydrating E-Course Valued $100+

Learn how to dehydrate botanicals, fruits & roots! From edible flowers to ginger, you will be able to dehydrate everything you need for medicinal teas!


From SEED DISCOUNTS to bonus content from well known Homesteaders, like Jill Winger of the PRAIRIE HOMESTEAD and MELISSA K. NORRIS



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