Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces

Learn how to turn simple and basic herbs into the most powerful medicines by blending your own medicinal loose leaf teas. From seed, to harvest, to cup! In an apartment or on a farm!

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Herbal Infusions for Kids

A course just for kids! Learn how to infuse oils and teas and then turn them into safe herbal medicine. Make your own lip balm, herbal candies and more! A great at home science and health course for kids!

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D.I.Y Kombucha at Home

Start brewing your own kombucha at home starting with the basics and then become a kombucha pro. From first ferments, to flavoring first and second ferments. Everything you wanted to learn about kombucha.

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Our Family & Farm

Our family of 6, gathered from around the world. We homestead, homeschool and practice herbal medicine, on our 2 acre farm in Western Oregon.

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