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10 Herbs to Grow for Tea


Our small family tea company started slowly through various craft shows and the local farmer's market. We would often get questions about growing and using herbs for tea.

"I have this mint growing in my yard, can I use that for tea?"

"How do I use it?"  "Can I use it fresh?"  "Do I have to dry it?"

"What herbs are good to use as tea?"

"What herbs go good together?"


Herbs and botanicals from your yard are definitely options for blending a fabulous herbal tea. It can be as simple as a fresh mint tea infusion or it can be more in-depth like one of our blends from our D.I.Y. Medicinal Teas Ebook.

It is really about what flavor and purpose you have in mind and what herbs you have on hand. There is so much you can do with just ten common botanicals which happen to be simple and easy to grow. 

Today we are sharing our favorite 10 and how we might put them to use in our farm tea studio.


Before we start:
This herbal information is just that, information. This...

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