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D.I.Y. Kombucha at Home - Capture the Fizz for Pennies at Home! If you can brew sweet tea then you can make kombucha at home!


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Money Saving, Fizzy Kombucha Made at Home!

Kombucha at the store is expensive. Organic bottled kombucha can cost nearly twenty cents per ounce. You can make kombucha at home for less than three cents per ounce.

  • Is kombucha safe to make at home? YES!
  • Do I need expensive supplies? NO!
  • What is a SCOBY? We'll tell you!
  • How do I make it fizzy? Your cups will be bubbling over.

The Kombucha Mastery E-Course will help you confidently answer these questions and many others! You will be brewing your own safe, flavorful, & fizzy kombucha at home while saving money on your grocery budget!

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You will learn step-by-step how to:

  • Brew basic small-batch kombucha

  • Brew large-batch kombucha

  • Add flavor & Capture Fizz

  • Keep Your Scoby Fresh

  • Use over fermented kombucha with tasty recipes

  • Use Kombucha in Cooking & other Recipes

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Confidently brew your own Kombucha at Home, Safely, with this Simple Road Map

The Kombucha Mastery Course will give you the basics and beyond for brewing your own kombucha at home, saving you on your grocery budget!

Start Home Brewing Kombucha TODAY in 3 easy steps!

#1 - Get Your Course

#2 - Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

#3 - Enjoy Affordable Fizzy Kombucha!

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek!

Health Benefits

Dive deep into how tasty homemade kombucha is a great addition to your daily diet. From probiotics to other health benefits, kombucha scientifically supports many ailments!

Kombucha Supplies

If you can brew sweet tea then you can make kombucha at home! From simple supplies to fun and fancy gadgets, we unbox and review them all so that you know just what you need!

Sugar & Sweeteners

The importance of sugar in your brew, yep, that stuff I tell most people to stay away from. There is an exception to that rule and here I'll share why along with other sweeteners that can be used in kombucha brewing.

Kombucha Storage

Going on vacation? No problem! Love brewing a LOT of kombucha and aren't sure how to store it? We dive deep here into teaching you how to set your kombucha on autopilot and store what you have made.

What is a SCOBY?

Here we take the mystery out of what a SCOBY is, why you need it, and some details that may shock even seasoned kombucha brewers!

Basic vs. Continuous Brew

This sequence of videos goes in-depth on the difference between a basic brew, continuous brew, and how to know which method is right for you. Step-by-step tutorials help you choose the brewing options that make it simple for your lifestyle.

Course Q&A Support

Behind the scenes, we have multiple Kombucha Experts to help you with any questions you might have along the way. Each lesson contains an interactive chat section where you can get your questions answered quick! 

Quick Win F.A.Q.

All those kombucha questions are sorted into a library of quick win videos to get you short precise answers right when you need them. No need to sort through long videos to find them.

Advanced Brewing

Have that basic brew down and you're looking for more adventure? These advanced brewing lessons will cover some more in-depth techniques like brewing with coffee and herbal caffeine kombucha brews during 1st ferment.

Recipe Tutorials

Want to do more than just drink your kombucha straight? Let's dive into mix'n kombucha with other things like mocktails and cocktails, salad dressings, and more! Including using extra SCOBY's!

Plus, don't forget the bonus material!

Learn to brew Jun, Water Kefir & other bonuses from other professionals outside of this course!

Save on your food budget with homemade kombucha in just minutes a day!

Imagine saving on those $3-7 dollar bottles of kombucha at the store. Not to mention those $30-$75 bottles of probiotic supplements as you grab your own swing top bottle of fizzy kombucha from your fridge. Popping the top with the sound of that satisfying fizz, knowing the flavor is your favorite, the fizz perfect, and being able to share them with friends and family, knowing that they will safely enjoy your custom brew!

You just need this simple, practical system for brewing that fizzy goodness!

YOU can safely make kombucha at home! All you need is the right information and a cheerleader to guide you along the way!

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Meet the tea-cher!

Our family has been serving our hundreds of tea & kombucha loving customers for 7+ years. During that time we have fielded kombucha question after question helping new brewers become master brewers. I'm excited to share this knowledge with you! Farmhouse Teas has been featured in the following locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the deets that everyone else is after too!

This course was crafted for busy mamas, homesteaders, beginning home brewers, caregivers, homeschoolers, gardeners, survivalists, lovers of the self-sufficient life, and budget-minded people who want to save money and get the benefits of kombucha in their lives.

If you are looking to brew kombucha commercially, this course is not for you but for home brewers. If you are looking to brew kombucha beer, hard kombucha, this course does not get into hard alcohol fermentations. 

The basics are just black/green tea, sugar, and a starter along with a glass container. You can get as few tools as you want or as many as you feel would simplify the process for you! Check out our basic kombucha brewing kit here for ideas on the tools needed!


Watch any of the 30+ videos in any order that you wish, at your own convenience with no time constraints. For those with LIFETIME ACCESS you may view your videos any time you wish. For those with MONTHLY ACCESS via Subscription, you may view videos as long as your subscription is active. Start with the basics and foundations, working through the hands-on brewing experience. Finish off with the Advanced and BONUS content!

Those who purchased via One-Time Payment have FULL LIFETIME ACCESS. Those who are paying a monthly/yearly subscription have access as long as the subscription is active.

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""Great Information [in the printable workbook]! This e-book has really great information on kombucha; I have learned a lot ! I'm waiting on my first ferment to try kombucha, then on to try some of the recipes!""


""Just started fermenting my own! Great information for beginners! I am now on my second batch of kombucha and have ordered some flavorings and will be using many recipes from this ebook!""


Alight! I'm READY to Safely brew Kombucha at Home, but how much does this course cost?

For a limited time, grab the Kombucha Mastery Class for $199




  • LIFETIME ACCESS - billed in ONE full payment
  • 30+ Videos on Kombucha Mastery
  • 30+ page Downloadable and Printable Kombucha Workbook
  • BONUS Videos on Jun, Water Kefir & Guest Content

  • 15+ F.A.Q. Quick Win Videos for Quick Reference

  • Advanced Brewing Methods
  • Recipe Tutorials 
  • BONUS! Materials from Homesteading Family & Melissa K. Norris + More
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Yearly subscription includes:

  • FULL Kombucha Mastery E-Course ¬†$199 Value
    • 30+ Videos on Kombucha Mastery
    • 30+ page Downloadable and Printable Kombucha Workbook
    • BONUS Videos on Jun, Water Kefir & Guest Content

    • 15+ F.A.Q. Quick Win Videos for quick Reference

    • Advanced Brewing Methods
    • Recipe Tutorials¬†¬†
  • FULL Medicinal Tea Blending E-Course 6+ hours of video, 22 tea blending recipes & tutorials w/ printables $199 Value
  • Mini-Dehydrating E-Course $79 Value
  • 80+ Herbal Monographs (2 new ones added each month!) $200 Value
  • Library of 10+ E-books & more! $100+¬†Value
  • Digital Copies of the Grow Create Sip quarterly magazine¬†$100+¬†Value
  • A¬†GROWING LIBRARY of resources is valued at over $1000!

The fun of creating herbal infusions of all kinds is awaiting you (tea or kombucha!), as well as those who are excited to make and share their creations with like-minded people!

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