Episode #2 - Elderberry Syrup: Canning, Children & Dosage

Welcome back! This week we are chatting about elderberry syrup! How much should you take and when? How to save smaller single serving batches. How to can it and how to get children to take elderberry syrup along with our weekly farm updates! Thanks for joining us!


Time Stamps:

00:48 Weekly Farm Update

03:55 Modern Homesteading Conference & Our Kombucha Workshop www.modernhomesteading.com

05:44 FREE School of Traditional Skills Summit- Sept. 12th 2022 Check it out here, its free!

This event will be September 12-15, and will be presenting some amazing speakers including:   Joel Salatin on Reclaiming Pasture Justin Rhodes on Raising Pastured Chickens Melissa K Norris on Garden Season Extension Paul Gautschi on his Back to Eden Garden method Carolyn Thomas on Pressure Canning Sally Fallon on Traditional Bone Broths Lisa Bass on Vegetable Fermentation Anne of All Trades on Milk Goats Brandon Sheard on Traditional Salt Curing of Pork Brian Lowell on Raised Bed Gardens Maureen Diaz on Sour Dough Bread Harvey Ussery on Homestead Egg Laying Chickens

06:43 Autumn Apple Box Launch & Birthday Sale August 2022

09:00 Do I have to make a whole batch of elderberry syrup?

11:50 Can I can elderberry syrup? Included in this online course is a video tutorial of canning elderberry syrup.

15:18 How much Elderberry Syrup should I take?

19:43 How do I get my children to take elderberry syrup?

24:00 Upcoming Video Schedule

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Additional Elderberry Information: Including planting, propagating, elderberry gummies, elderberry syrup recipe, pancake recipes and more!