Lavender Lemongrass Salve: A DIY Recipe for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Jan 22, 2018


Our herbal medicine journey has been a long time in the making, but it really started to take off in about 2012. It started with some random online learning here and there, then an online course.

I ordered my first seeds to plant in my first garden. Seeds of Change had a close out deal with a bunch of random seeds for $5, including shipping. Can't lose there right? In that bunch of seeds were some calendula flowers. Little did I know that those bright yellow flowers would create a business that we now run full time as a family.

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The very first salve I ever made was with these golden beauties. Today we are going to use them as part of an herbal oil infusion. Along with some local lavender buds and organic comfrey. Our Lavender Lemongrass Salve is popular starting  in the spring, as gardeners are released from their cold, wet/snowy winter, into the soil they have been planning for all winter. The seeds come out, but so do the dry, cracked, and sore hard working hands. 

You could​ just buy our garden salves here but why not make your own? And we are going to share with you the recipe.... the very recipe that we use to make ours down on the farm! Because after all.... give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time. 




While we are sharing the QUICKEST method of infusing an oil with herbs, please do plan ahead as it takes 2- 5 hours of simmering on the stove. We suggest a great cup of tea, maybe our latest favorite, La Pine Licorice, and a good book while you wait. 



I just learned this new fabulous way to strain oil infusions! It worked so fantastic! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Normally I would use an unbleached cheese cloth, wait for it to strain and then squeeze it good. A French press works so much better! I highly recommend it. The oil cleans off from it just fine and its much more sustainable. It also save's money to boot! We recommend this French press here if your in the market for one. Without further ado, the recipe for infusing garden salve oil - which you will need to make the rest of the garden salve recipe.

Garden Salve Infused Oil

Garden Salve Infused Oil

Yield: 1 cup
Author: Farmhouse Teas
Prep time: 5 MinCook time: 5 HourTotal time: 5 H & 5 M
Use this fabulous infused oil to make your own homemade salves!



  1. Add olive oil, dried organic calendula flowers, dried lavender buds, dried organic comfrey oil to a double boiler.
  2. Infuse on stove top 2-5 hours.
  3. ​Strain using an unbleached cheese cloth or French press.


SEE The Recipe




Now that you have your garden salve oil infused we are ready to roll the salve making process. I start by getting my work area cleaned up, washed down and then covered with some dry paper that can be tossed when I'm done. If wax is spilled on here its easily cleaned up and makes a great fire starter. Make sure to dust out those tins too... some times they  get little things that settle in them while in storage.



Once you are set grab your pour pot, we use this one and hope to add this one soon. Add your newly infused oil (measurements below in recipe), bees wax, coconut oil and cocoa or shea butter.




It's time to heat the mixture up on the double boiler. Heat until your oils and bees wax have melted. Give it a good stir to incorporate it. Next add your essential oils. You want to add these at the VERY end so that the heat doesn't evaporate them out of your salve before you pour it. If something comes up and you need to step aside. Leave the oils simmering on the stove and place the essential oils in the mixture when you get back. A little extra cook time won't hurt your oil and bees wax. After your essential oils are added give it a good stir with a wooden skewer or some other non-metal utensils reserved for working with bees wax. Pour your salve into it's new containers and let cool. After they cooled place the lid on top and make sure to label with the ingredients as well as the intent of use and any precautions. 


Lavender Lemongrass Garden Salve

Lavender Lemongrass Garden Salve

Yield: Makes approx. 6.5 oz (6- 1 oz tins, 3 -2 oz tins)
Author: Farmhouse Teas
When the spring seeds come out so do the dry, cracked, and sore hard working hands. This salve is a must have for gardeners!



  1. Add infused oil, coconut oil, bees wax and coco butter to double boiler, reserving essential oils for later.
  2. Melt on medium high heat until all the oils and wax are thoroughly melted. Time will vary according to how thick the bees wax is (ex. bricks of bees wax vs. pellets).
  3. Prepare and set out containers salve will be poured into. Metal tins or heat resistant glass are best. Some ideas might be: small canning jars, metal tins, other containers designed for beauty care products.
  4. Once oils and wax are thoroughly melted, stir well with wooden skewer or some other non metal utensil reserved for bees wax projects.
  5. Add lavender and lemongrass essential oils. Stir essential oils in well.
  6. Pour carefully into selected salve containers. Let cool. Place lids on cooled salve and label with ingredients and intended salve use.



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