Golden Turmeric Chicken/Shrimp Curry Recipe

Apr 06, 2018

Did you know that you can cook with tea and not just drink it? One of our Super Fan's and V.I.P. Members, Kris Miller, sent us this lovely recipe using Golden Turmeric Spice Tea in a curry dish. What makes it super fantastic is that not only is it yummy, not only does it have anti-oxidant packed turmeric in it BUT Kris is also a culinary student at a local college! Training as a professional chef she used her culinary skills to cook up something fantastic! It even made it on the college menu :)

This lovely recipe takes wonderful fresh veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper and pairs them with chicken/shrimp along with the spice that comes from our Golden Turmeric Tea. This tea is packed with spicy goodness! Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Clove, Organic black pepper, organic cinnamon and some of our farm grown marigold flowers! Organic marigolds - just for the record we are not certified but use organic growing methods!

Kris chose to make this recipe by infusing 1/4 cup of the loose leaf tea in a cloth sachet or making one with some cheese cloth and some twine. Since we didn't have any whole tea available on the farm (it was all in bags waiting for you all!) I used 2 tablespoons ground up. It was simple to through this tea right in a coffee grinder/spice grinder and turn it into a quick and easy blended spice.

Doing things this way really made the curry more yellow but I know the other way would be fabulous too. Which ever is the most simple for you and convenient! 

Since we made this recipe on a Friday and we abstain from meat on Fridays,  I opted for shrimp only and substituted the bone broth for a veggie broth. It turned out super fantastic! Even the toddler ate her veggies that night! We are thankful for this new recipe and it will be at least a monthly occurrence to our family menu.

Without further ado the recipe and video tutorial follow:

If you loved this recipe and would like to learn more about cooking with tea we have a free e-book series available! Grab the Fall and Winter E-books here. The Spring one will be out shortly! 

If you are looking for our Golden Turmeric Spice Tea, it is available in our online Farm Store as well as locally at the Salem Saturday Market.

Teas both herbal and not are great ways to get all the benefits of plants in many ways from sipping a nice hot cuppa to making yummy recipes with them! What way will you use tea every day to get more plant goodness in your diet?


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