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Black tea. Green Tea. Peppermint Tea. Chamomile Tea. Those are the must have's right? Pretty standard line up of tea when visiting any restaurant or hotel.

What is chamomile tea though? Does chamomile tea have medicinal uses? What are the medicinal uses of the chamomile flower? From calming teething toddlers to a relaxing cuppa before bedtime there are so many wonderful uses for chamomile. In today's Monograph Monday we are going to go over all those and ways to plant and use this wonderful little flower.

So simple that even the chickens can plant it! The chickens can plant it? Our chickens planted these chamomile flowers. They were the little tillers and movers that helped this chamomile to re-seed here in our garden.

Chamomile is an edible flower that looks similar to a daisy though it it is much smaller in nature and it has very different petals. There are two main types of chamomile most commonly in use; German and Roman. Though there is also a Spanish variety.

Chamomile is most well known for that little cuppa yellow relaxing tea. This little flower holds a lot more power.


 Well known for its calming effect it can be very soothing to the nervous system and any other ailments coming from the nervous system such as anxiety, head aches, depression, or other nerve pain.

Chamomile also assists the digestive system and so it is helpful for upset stomach, gas and nausea as well. My favorite thing to use chamomile for is teething toddlers and fevers. It calms both right down and its good for the nervous mother who is helping the teething toddler as well!

Too mention without much further ado, I'm not a doctor nor do I play one online. This information is meant to be educational and please consult your physician and/or child's physician before using chamomile in a medicinal amount.

For more information regarding this herb and it's uses please check out our Youtube video.

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