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Quick and Simple Hand Pies in a pinch for Tea Time

Your Mama is coming.

She expects a nice cuppa Earl Grey and a sweet treat.

But there is one problem, you don't have anything sweet on hand and you have to eek out enough Earl Grey to get her a decent cuppa.

What's a child to do?

It may not be your mama, and you might not be the child, but every one has times where company is coming and some comforting homemade food is in order.

These quick and simple hand pies are just what the mama in our story needs (or maybe its you that needs them).

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Fall is upon us and that means that the freezers and larders are stored to the brim with all of the hard work from the summer gardens. There are piles of berries frozen and pie filling made and canned in jars.

Now is the time to...

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