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Cheap and Easy Gluten / Dairy Free Zucchini Parmesan


Happy Fall Y'all!

Did you just discover the largest zucchini you have ever seen hiding in your garden? 

You thought that you were done with that never ending summer squash. You were ready for the first frost and the leaves to change color. Bring on the winter rest! 

OR MAYBE you love zucchini like I do and you just wish there was more fabulous ways to cook it up.

This recipe is for you... who found the prize winning squash and for you who love all things zucchini. 

OH AND ALSO FOR YOU... who are gluten and dairy free like us!

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How do I know you have a giant zucchini and your trying to figure out some gluten and diary free thing to do with that enormous beast?

Because you my friend, and I,...

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