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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Lemon Turmeric Cake Recipe


The benefits of herbal tea and the benefits of turmeric are many. Many will ask "Is herbal tea good for you?" "What are the benefits of turmeric?" We are going to dive right into those here in this post along with a fabulous Lemon Turmeric Tea Cake Recipe. 

Turmeric is likely part of your life already as it is used to color many foods such as a prepared chicken stock from the store, Turmeric is also the base for most yellow curry powders, so chances are that if you have eaten curry or a purchased chicken stock/broth you have already met our friend turmeric.

Herbal tea, also known as a tisane, is not actually tea at all. Herbal teas are made from many different types of herbs, but a true tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant or the tea plant. Herbal teas have many different benefits and are naturally free of caffeine. All herbal teas with the exception of those containing a plant like the cocoa bean or coffee bean are free of caffeine from the get go.



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