Episode #3 - From Hobby to Full Time - Our Story

Welcome as we share with you the story of how we became Farmhouse Teas on our 8th business anniversary! We are answering customer questions here on the podcast today including how we got to where we are, what skills and backgrounds we have that got us here along with how I come up with my crazy tea blend ideas! We took all of the notes for you so you can sit back and enjoy!

Time Stamps & Links:

1:00 Farm Updates & Soap Making Challenge/ Kits https://classes.homesteadingfamily.com/a/2147499503/EiQQXNN8

5:13 Herbal Studio & Community www.growcreatesip.com/herbalstudio

5:35 Calendar of Events Webinar 3rd week of September 22 (Hop on email list for details) Modern Homesteading Conference & Kombucha Making Workshop www.modernhomesteading.com

8:40 Traditional Skills Summit - Free online Sept. 12th 2022 https://www.schooloftraditionalskills.com/?_ef_transaction_id=&oid=1&affid=6

9:40 How we got Started in the Tea Business 16:10 Current State of Farmhouse Teas

16:50 Our Work Backgrounds

21:07 How New Tea Blends are Created 25:06 Tea Blending Course www.growcreatesip.com/medicinal-teas-in-small-spaces

25:21 Tea Blend Stories Blends Mentioned:

Coastal Cranberry Spice https://www.farmhouseteas.com/products/coastal-cranberry-spice

Pacific Peppermint Patty https://www.farmhouseteas.com/products/pacific-peppermint-patty-tea

Harvest Berry https://www.farmhouseteas.com/products/oregon-harvest-berry

Mt. Hope Farms https://mthopefarmsoregon.com/

27:25 Not Coffee Line Story https://www.farmhouseteas.com/collections/coffee-replacements

29:58 Yodel A Tea Who Story https://www.farmhouseteas.com/products/yodele-a-tea-who

30:11 Free Branding Cottage Creations Download https://www.growcreatesip.com/bcc