Oct 12, 2018

Some may say that a scone is a sophisticated baked good. While I agree that their delicate and refined nature might suggest sophistication, they really are not that hard to bake. Scones take many different faces from a drop scone, to a fine cut wedge, to a rustic round shape. One thing is for sure though, there is no other baked good that pairs better with tea than a scone.

From gluten and sugar free scones, to the ancient but healthy einkorn and those for every season such as sweet potato and forsythia. These five scone recipes are sure to meet your tea time needs and hit the spot. Spot of tea eh?

When Googling scones and tea one might think that each could not be without the other. While one can certainly enjoy JUST a scone or JUST a cuppa tea, these two certainly go together like milk and cookies, ice cream and a cone, or a donut and coffee.  

Enough of that pairing though, now I'm just hungry! I'm sure there is a scone recipe here today that you will enjoy! Just a quick note there are affiliate links spread through out this post. While we do make a smidgen of money off anything you might buy, the cost to you does not change. This little smidgen helps to keep our little farm afloat and for that we thank you. So without further ado, first up on the list....



These delectable drop scones were created by our super fan and chef, Kris Miller of Oregon. She and I both share the inability to eat gluten in our diet as well as our love for tea. Thanks to Kris not only can I now have a gluten free treat with my tea but its sugar free to boot! Grab her yummy recipe and give it a try! Kris enjoys using Kruseaz Gluten Free Flour while I used Bob's Red Mill 1 for 1 Gluten Free Flour. Grab the recipe for the Gluten Free Honey Scones right here.


Lemon and Blueberry Scones are a traditional must have in the tea time recipe box! Ashley over at Practical Self Reliance has the most fabulous lemon blueberry scone recipe. This recipe uses dried blueberries over fresh which allows for some extra sweetness and easier baking. The tart lemon brings out the blueberries making this rich buttery scone the perfect pairing for our herbal "coffee" Mountain Hazel Not Coffee  or one of our berry teas such as our Harvest Berry TeaGrab Ashley's Lemon and Blueberry Scone Recipe over at Practical Self Reliance.​


Oh boy doesn't this Sweet Potato and Date Scone say fall! Forget pumpkin spice season, bring on the sweet potato's! Sarah, mama to 6, homeschool and homesteader, is sharing this delectable treat with us! A little twist on those pumpkin spice flavors this sweet potatoes and date scone is also sugar free. I also bet, for those who are gluten free like me, that this one could be made gluten free with the flour mentioned above! This scone would pair lovely with some of our Prudent Pumpkin SpiceGolden Turmeric SpiceCherry Country Chai or Apple Cider Fix'n teas. Head on over to the Free Range Life and grab Sarah's Sweet Potato and Date Scone Recipe.


It's not always fall, which is a good thing. When spring is here the forsythia flowers are in bloom. If you have been around our blog long you know I'm a fan of any flower that you can EAT! Yep eat the flowers! My friend Heidi, over at the Healing Harvest Homestead, not only has beautiful pictures of her scones but they are tasty to boot. Her recipe makes me want to brew up some of our Cherry Country Chai with heirloom cherries and sit down with her scones (and her!) and have a proper afternoon tea! Grab Heidi's Forsythia Cherry Scone Recipe here at Healing Harvest Homestead!


Last but not least, the einkorn! Don't know what einkorn is you say? Einkorn is an ancient grain, its wheat in its original form. It's special because einkorn is easier to digest, it is not as complex as the grain that we grow these days. Einkorn has the benefits of a whole grain and works like a white flour. Sort of the best of both worlds if you will! Many people find it easier on the digestive system and can sometimes eat it when normally gluten would be an issue. Hannah over at These Lovely Acres makes the most beautiful scones I've ever seen! Make sure to stop by and say hi (Hi Hannah!!! Love your name by the way, I wanted to use it for our children but the Farmer didn't agree. Ah hem... any how) when grabbing her lovely einkorn recipe! Get this Vanilla Einkorn Scone Recipe over at These Lovely Acres.


Thanks for joining us down on the farm for a little farmhouse tea time! Which scone recipe are you going to try first? Let us know down in the comment section below!



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