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Farmhouse Pesto & 2 Tea Time Recipes


'Tis the season for all things basil, no?

Nothing quite says summer to me as pesto sauce! Well... OK maybe except for iced tea, but what kind of a tea sommelier would I be, if I didn't included tea on the list?

While pesto is basically great smeared on anything, aside from maybe chocolate... hmm. I'm always looking for great ways to use it. Today I'm sharing two yummy recipes that we love. Roasted Garlic Basil Crustini and Turkey Pesto Tea Sandwiches.



Normally when I think of pesto sauce it involves a lot of pasta and some fresh bread. Or if I dive deep into my childhood memories there is this bagel from a fancy bagel shop smothered in pesto sauce and topped with some Parmesan and dried olives and tomatoes. YUM!

OK, ok... coming back to you now and leaving memory land.



In the dog daze of summer pesto is great to have on hand. Not only is basil more affordable this time of year but its pretty easy to grow by seed and have in the garden. Or even pick...

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Gather Around - Fall FarmHouse Recipes


 "The best of times are always found,
When family & friends are gathered around."

This is truly my favorite time of year because the heat of the summer is tamed, the farm work outside is mostly done and it's now time to spend hours inside with friends and family. By enjoying the harvest from the summer's hard work and keeping warm by the fireside. Be it a fall family gathering and Christmas meals or anything in-between, this is a time for family, food and giving thanks to our Creator for the seasons abundance! 

Sometimes though it's easy to get stumped on what to make with that abundance. That is why we gathered 14 recipes from farm/homestead blogs to liven up your holiday meals. It's time to gather, celebrate and enjoy food that is as good as the company we are with! Farmhouse style.

Growing up I looked forward to these family visits so much that I made my self sick almost every holiday. Well to be truthful some of it was the anxiousness and anticipation but...

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Oh winter. The last few weeks of the wet and the rain in Oregon really start to get to a person. It's dark, its gloomy. ITS WET! Really wet, like slip around outside when its wet, wet. 

We spend much more time in the house than we care to but there is so little to do in so much rain and mud. There is no garden to work on - its too cold. The animals are hunkered down just like us. The only thing to do is to make a mess in the kitchen - I mean be creative in the kitchen. ( As I look behind me to see if the Farmer' saw me type those words... ah hem.)

Cooking With, Not Drinking Tea

I have sort of a reputation for being a mad scientist in the kitchen. I think its usually the after math of my creativeness that gives me that reputation. The latest inspired mess - I mean creation - came from a tea called Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang is a special black tea from China that is smoke-dried over a pine-wood fire. It's known as the smoked tea. 

Let me tell you what, that is the best name...

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