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Goat's Milk Soap Fights Eczema

Have you ever had that one person that you really look up to? Maybe its just some famous person you admire? Someone you would really like to meet some day?

Well this farm was that for me. I had been wanting to go take the tour of this lovely goat milk farm that I had been following on social media for some time. Thing after thing would come up though and we just never made it. Well, over a year later we finally got to make our trip over to Bend, Oregon to visit Bend Soap Co.!

Why you say have I been wanting to go to this farm? Not only do the owners of this farm have a large lovely family but they are also savy business people. As a small business owner I'm always looking to learn how to improve our business to best suite our customer and fit our ideal family life style.

Running a business while homeschooling four children can really be a challenge at times. This lovely family has done it with 9 children! I really admire that. They live the life style I hope we can have here on our...

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