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Roasted Dandelion Root Tea Benefits with Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Spring is near and one of the first flowers to sprout and bloom is the humble dandelion. With the abundance of this well-known 'weed' many wonder what are the benefits of dandelion root? There are really so many uses for dandelion's from making dandelion wine to dandelion jelly but the root is really where it is at when it comes to medicinal uses for the dandelion. Especially when you can use dandelion root in this chocolate truffles recipe. But I'm getting ahead of myself...


Before we start: This herbal information is just that, information. This blog post and I DO NOT INTEND to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or illness. This is for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a physician before using herbs medicinally. Grab all the deets on the Medical jargon here. This post also contains affiliate links. Translation: We get a little kickback for sharing certain products, at no additional...

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Vegan Pancakes from Scratch with DIY Elderberry Syrup

 What if your New Year's resolution tasted good and didn't seem like a resolution?

If you have decided to go gluten free and dairy free, and are looking for a quick healthy breakfast or you are trying to work more elderberries into your daily routine, then you have come to the right spot!

This quick, vegan pancake recipe from scratch is better than Joanna Gaines banana bread recipe. Not only is it tastier, it is faster too. These dairy free banana oatmeal pancakes are topped off with DIY Elderberry Syrup which will beat any blueberry sauce for pancakes! The combo is delish!

Let's take a deeper look into the ingredients and the simplicity of the recipe, shall we?

Photo by Kayla Joy Creatives


So many of our readers have questions about elderberry syrup including, but not limited to:

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