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White Chocolate Cherry Chai Cake (Gluten Free Recipe)

Happy Friday! We have a special treat for ya'll today. I mean that in a couple of ways! One of our first and long time customers, Kris, will be helping us out here on the blog. She not only is a lovely lady but also has a passion for loose leaf teas along with some fabulous culinary skills. Today she is bringing us a super tasty cake. I currently smell is fabulous flavors as I type waiting for it to cool down! So join me in welcoming Kris today!

By: Kris Miller

Devoted wife and mother of two, recently graduated from LBCC Culinary program.

It’s the dog days of summer, but I am one that is in perpetual Autumn mode.  And I enjoy desserts with a slightly spiced note.  That is what put me in the mood to develop this recipe for white chocolate cherry pound cake using St. Fiacre’s Farm, Cherry City Chai tea blend.  Most of us enjoy cooking and baking, and making things look and taste great. And many of us are realizing we have sensitivities and allergies to...

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