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Fire Cider Kale Crunch Salad

Move on over Chick-fil-a Kale Crunch salad! This infused apple cider vinegar dressing recipe is going to spice up that kale salad! Get all of the benefits of this turmeric and horseradish root infused fire cider dressing. A little bit of sweet and a little bit of spicy, a whole lot of healthy for those of you working on New Years Resolutions and on the Whole30 diet.

It can be totally overwhelming to add new things to our already busy schedule. But what if we could take those things and just make them part of the schedule we already have?  

Photo by KaylaJoyCreative 

Adding herbs to your daily diet is a great way to get all of their benefits. Whether you are turning them into a salad dressing, sipping them in a tea or making a pancake syrup out of them

The little things that we do daily, over time, have the most impact on us. Think of some little things that you do for your health on a daily bases. It could be as simple as drinking 6-8 glasses of...

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Orange Cranberry Jello Salad - A Tasty Christmas Tradition


The family has gathered around in a warm cozy house, and the smell of food is wafting through the air. The kitchen is all hustle and bustle, and tasty appetizers are awaiting. 

Veggie trays, olives, cookies, fudge, chips, and cream cheese dip with chips.

When it comes to a holiday dinner, though, there was one dish that always completed the festivities, and these holiday gatherings wouldn't be the same without it.

The only bad news is that this favorite was filled with red dye and processed sugars.

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At least until now.

My grandma always made this Orange Cranberry Jello salad for every holiday. Sometimes she made it for birthday gifts. Well, not the jello so much. The jello was used as a prop rather....

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Gather Around - Fall FarmHouse Recipes


 "The best of times are always found,
When family & friends are gathered around."

This is truly my favorite time of year because the heat of the summer is tamed, the farm work outside is mostly done and it's now time to spend hours inside with friends and family. By enjoying the harvest from the summer's hard work and keeping warm by the fireside. Be it a fall family gathering and Christmas meals or anything in-between, this is a time for family, food and giving thanks to our Creator for the seasons abundance! 

Sometimes though it's easy to get stumped on what to make with that abundance. That is why we gathered 14 recipes from farm/homestead blogs to liven up your holiday meals. It's time to gather, celebrate and enjoy food that is as good as the company we are with! Farmhouse style.

Growing up I looked forward to these family visits so much that I made my self sick almost every holiday. Well to be truthful some of it was the anxiousness and anticipation but...

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