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VIDEO: Harvesting and Using Calendula


Happy Friday to you all! We have been SOOOO busy on the farm, is it really Friday already?!

Harvest season comes on slowly and then just really starts to take off this time of year. While we haven't even hit the height of it yet we are continually filling and refilling the dehydrator with some herbal goodness from the farm.

This week I was catching up on the Calendula flowers. While we don't have enough of these farm grown ones to fill our tea orders yet we use them for so many other things. They are good for more than just tea!

We are sharing on this video how to harvest the flowers and save the seed along with 6+ ways to use Calendula. We hope you enjoy, even if you don't plant to grow your own hopefully its interesting to see the process of the ingredients that get used in our teas.



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