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Goli Apple Cider Gummies are all the rage right now. These herbal apple cider vinegar gummies tout their high nutritional value, ability to build immunity, help with detoxification, and ability to manage weight. As well as a way to get all of the benefits of raw apple cider vinegar without the tart puckering taste of drinking it straight.

But, what if you could make something similar right at home for just pennies on the dollar? And what if you could make them any flavor you wanted? 

We're going to chat about how to do just that, right at home!

Before we start:
This herbal information is just that, information. This blog post and I DO NOT INTEND to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or illness. This is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a physician before using herbs medicinally.

This post also contains affiliate links throughout. Translation: We get a little kick back for sharing certain products, at no additional...

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How to Fight Colds This Year- Enjoy Awesome Berry Syrup

There is a chill in the air. The mornings are a bit crisper and the sun sets a bit earlier. Yellow, orange, and red leaves are popping up more and more. My tea is turning from fruity, sweet, and iced to hot, rich, and spicy.

Fall is in the air and in my cup.

With all of that comes back-to-school season (or in our case, home school season), and with back-to-school usually comes back-to-germs, colds and flu.

No need to fear though! This week we are sharing a secret weapon of how you can fight cold and flu season naturally. Not only will this super awesome berry syrup help you prevent colds and flu, but it will help kick any cold and flu you catch, to the curb, quicker and faster. This berry syrup is full of super berry goodness and one berry in the mix you may not even be familiar with.

Before we start:
This herbal information is just that, information. This blog post and I do not intend to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or illness. This is for informational, education and...

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Growing and Using Peppermint For Medicine

Two words.

Chocolate. Mint.

OK! That concludes this blog post!

Just kidding! Two of my favorite flavors are chocolate and mint but today we are going to just chat about Peppermint.

Not only is it tasty with chocolate, but it also shines when it comes to digestive health, cooking, headaches and muscle cramps. 

Before we start:
This herbal information is just that, information. This blog post and I do not intend to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or illness. This is for informational, education and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a physician before using herbs medicinally.

This post also contains affiliate links throughout. Translation: We get a little kick back for sharing certain products, at no additional cost to you, should you choose to purchase said items. And - thank you for supporting our farm and family! Read the full disclaimer here.

Many of us are familiar with peppermint, it must be one of the most widely used herbs. It's also a very...

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How to Make Herbal Kombucha (During 1st Ferment)


“80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract and probiotics can help. Approximately 500 different species of bacteria live inside you. The weight of these bacteria is about two to three pounds.” Institute of Health Sciences.

What we eat and drink directly affects our immune system by way of our intestinal health. We truly are what we eat (and drink) and the quality of that food and drink has a huge impact on our immune system. There could be no truer quote regarding food and medicine than that from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”
Kombucha, a fermented tea packed full of probiotics (good bugs for the gut) can attribute to making sure your gut is getting what it needs and in turn your immune system what IT needs. Adding herbs and spices to that mix just adds to the healthful affects on the body. Whether you are flavoring your first fermentation with herbs or the second fermentation,...

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Some may say that a scone is a sophisticated baked good. While I agree that their delicate and refined nature might suggest sophistication, they really are not that hard to bake. Scones take many different faces from a drop scone, to a fine cut wedge, to a rustic round shape. One thing is for sure though, there is no other baked good that pairs better with tea than a scone.

From gluten and sugar free scones, to the ancient but healthy einkorn and those for every season such as sweet potato and forsythia. These five scone recipes are sure to meet your tea time needs and hit the spot. Spot of tea eh?

When Googling scones and tea one might think that each could not be without the other. While one can certainly enjoy JUST a scone or JUST a cuppa tea, these two certainly go together like milk and cookies, ice cream and a cone, or a donut and coffee.  

Enough of that pairing though, now I'm just hungry! I'm sure there is a scone recipe here today that you will enjoy! Just a quick note...

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Green Tea or Herbal Tea, Which is Better?

The clouds rolled in and there is a bit of summer drizzle. I'm wearing my first sweater of the season and that means that tea season is right around the corner! But the question looms like the clouds ... green tea or herbal tea, which is better?

We have all seen online and in the news that green tea is high in antioxidants, those free-radical killing little guys that we all need to keep our bodies healthy and free from junk. Green tea is lower in caffeine than black tea, and green tea is frequently used for weight loss. But what about herbal tea? The benefits of herbal tea also consumes areas of the news and social media. Turmeric tea is great for inflammation and arthritis, elderberry for boosting the immune system, herbal teas geared for detox and weight loss abound. 

That sure is a lot of options! Let's dive in and see which tea is really better and which tea has the most health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Everyday

First lets see what the benefits of green tea...

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Oregano For Colds, Headaches & More

Oregano isn't just for pizza and pasta! Whether its small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), candida, coughs, colds, or toenail fungus. There is probably a use for oregano oil in every home. 

Be it summer or winter there always seems to be someone that has a bit of congestion from allergies or a cold. Oregano oil to the rescue to help out as a natural anti-biotic and anti-septic.

But before we dive into all the goodness that oregano has to offer, I need to let you know. I'm just the Farmer's Wife, I'm not a licensed physician or naturopath. This information I'm about to share is just for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any thing. Please consult with a trained physician before using oregano medicinally.

Oregano is part of the mint family, Lamiacae/Liabiatae. Just don't make me pronounce that! Who ever said that Latin was dead any way? I think I could have used a class myself. 

As part of the mint family the general form and shape of...

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What To Do With Rose Petals? (Medicinal & Culinary uses)

It's that time of year here on the farm when we are harvesting roses to preserve for oils, salves, teas and other culinary uses.

Do you have rose bushes in your yard and hoping to figure out what to do with those lovely blooms, aside from them adorning your landscaping? They are so beautiful, it's hard to cut them, but their beauty goes beyond their bloom.

Today's post is going to explore everything Rose. From how to come by rose bushes, how to plant them, when and how to harvest them. After harvesting roses we are going to talk about the best way to dehydrate rose petals. After preserving our rose petals it's on to the fun process of how to turn them into something useful and go over their medicinal uses.

How to Grow Roses

Roses are best acquired from a cutting. That cutting may be obtained from a local nursery in the form of a potted plant or it could be something gathered from a friend, family or other approved place. There are some who go about collecting these rose cuttings and...

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How many of you are growing a garden this year? How many of you have flowers in your garden? How about medicinal flowers?

We started our garden out with just things that could be eaten. It was a way to help cut down the food cost and to know the story of where our food was coming from. Which growing methods were used, where the seeds came from, the type of soil that they were growing in. 

Equally important as our vegetable garden though are our medicinals that we grow as well. It's handy to also know where our medicine comes from as well.

Today we thought we would share a bit about a favorite medicinal flower that we are growing here on the farm. Bachelor Buttons also known as cornflowers are used in many of our teas but that isn't there limitation. Join us as we go over their culinary and medicinal uses!

Bachelor Buttons come in many different colors from this brilliant blue, to white, pink, purple and in between. We use them often because they add a lovely pop of color to our...

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Golden Turmeric Chicken/Shrimp Curry Recipe

Did you know that you can cook with tea and not just drink it? One of our Super Fan's and V.I.P. Members, Kris Miller, sent us this lovely recipe using Golden Turmeric Spice Tea in a curry dish. What makes it super fantastic is that not only is it yummy, not only does it have anti-oxidant packed turmeric in it BUT Kris is also a culinary student at a local college! Training as a professional chef she used her culinary skills to cook up something fantastic! It even made it on the college menu :)

This lovely recipe takes wonderful fresh veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper and pairs them with chicken/shrimp along with the spice that comes from our Golden Turmeric Tea. This tea is packed with spicy goodness! Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Clove, Organic black pepper, organic cinnamon and some of our farm grown marigold flowers! Organic marigolds - just for the record we are not certified but use organic growing methods!

Kris chose to make this recipe by...

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