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Recipe: Tea Infused Turkey Pinwheels


The stores in town are busting out the Christmas trees and the lights. The holiday bazaars have started and so has the shopping. Down at the farm life is a little bit slower. 

This time of year we are embracing fall, even if the coldness feels a bit more like winter. We are enjoying the beautiful color on the fall leaves, the reds and oranges are just beautiful here this time of year. Along with the fall beauty we are embracing seasonal foods. Not that that is a new thing here on the farm but the season is new!

That means lots of cranberries, pumpkin and squashes and apples! Its also the season of sharing with friends and family! What better way than to make a dish to take and share at gatherings with friends and family?!



My favorite food at gatherings is usually the snacks or appetizers, aside from dessert of course ;) Little bites of yummy goodness! We decided to spice up a favorite treat of ours, turkey pinwheels, with some tea.

Our Coastal Cranberry...

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Dehydrating Tomatoes for Sauce


The tomatoes are coming wildly from the garden, as soon as one batch is put up there is another batch! WE love our tomatoes though and we are thinking we probably grew enough to make enough pasta sauce all year without having to buy any.

After all I planted 80 tomato plants! Yes. I'm crazy.

Truth be told though, I hate canning. Its hot, its time consuming, its hot. Did I say that already? 

Dehydrating tomatoes is so simple and while our huge dehydrator heats up the house some smaller dehydrators out on a porch in the shade do an excellent job! Check out video #2 this week on how you can dehydrate your tomatoes at home.


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VIDEO: Harvesting and Using Calendula


Happy Friday to you all! We have been SOOOO busy on the farm, is it really Friday already?!

Harvest season comes on slowly and then just really starts to take off this time of year. While we haven't even hit the height of it yet we are continually filling and refilling the dehydrator with some herbal goodness from the farm.

This week I was catching up on the Calendula flowers. While we don't have enough of these farm grown ones to fill our tea orders yet we use them for so many other things. They are good for more than just tea!

We are sharing on this video how to harvest the flowers and save the seed along with 6+ ways to use Calendula. We hope you enjoy, even if you don't plant to grow your own hopefully its interesting to see the process of the ingredients that get used in our teas.



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Plant a zucchini and feed the world, the saying goes. Well my over exuberant self had to plant the WHOLE package of zucchini seeds because what if those pill bugs liked zucchini seeds and left me with none like my lettuce, like my beans? I didn't stop to consider that they might all grow. They might all turn into viable large, feed the world plants. And they did, but I couldn't dare throw them all out. What a waste! Well, not only are we 'feeding' the world with zucchini now but our whole family, at every meal and every dish. Time for some variety! Here are a few yummy looking zucchini recipes for your zucchini abundance.



Preserving Recipes
Preserving Zucchini (freezing shredded zucchini) from Life Between the Kitchen and the Coop

Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips by Sugar Free Mom

Dehydrating Zucchini for Winter Use by Learning and Yearning

Fermented Zucchini Pickles from the Fermented Food Lab



Dessert/Breakfast Recipes
Blueberry Banana Zucchini Bread...

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How to Make FABULOUS Sourdough Bread - The simple Way


Bread has been the staff of life for many ages and only in recent times has it come under attack for being hard to digest and nay even the cause of our ill digestion. 

Celiac disease is on the rise and gluten free diets are all the rage. Did our staff of life go bad on us or did something change?

In our post today we are sharing a few thoughts on wheat along with our family recipe for whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread. It turns out, that it may not be the wheat itself at all.


This post contains affiliate links throughout. Translation: We get a little kick back for sharing certain products, at no additional cost to you, should you choose to purchase said items. And thank you for supporting our farm and family! Read the full disclaimer here.


As we wrote about in another blog post on Milling At Home, we shared how the milling of wheat affects the wheat itself. How the right process can keep it healthful while the wrong process my...

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 While there are other components of bread that make it even healthier (fermentation, how it is harvested and when) milling is a simple way to improve the health of the bread we consume. Today we are sharing an article out of our favorite 'homesteading' book called Rural Roads to Security, written by Joseph Husslein S.J. Ph. D. with an imprimatur from 1940.


… Our ancestors, the pioneers who subdued the virgin forests and conquered the frontier, subsisted on the hardy diet of whole grains. They could scarcely have survived the hardships to which they were subjected if they had consistently eaten what the American public eats today, chiefly breadstuffs made from denatured and debased wheat and corn, totally different products from the pioneers' whole grain breadstuffs.

The factory-begotten products, white flour, bleached middlings, starchy corn meal, parched corn flakes and bran, are undesirable forms of very...

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