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White Chocolate Cherry Chai Cake (Gluten Free Recipe)

Happy Friday! We have a special treat for ya'll today. I mean that in a couple of ways! One of our first and long time customers, Kris, will be helping us out here on the blog. She not only is a lovely lady but also has a passion for loose leaf teas along with some fabulous culinary skills. Today she is bringing us a super tasty cake. I currently smell is fabulous flavors as I type waiting for it to cool down! So join me in welcoming Kris today!

By: Kris Miller

Devoted wife and mother of two, recently graduated from LBCC Culinary program.

It’s the dog days of summer, but I am one that is in perpetual Autumn mode.  And I enjoy desserts with a slightly spiced note.  That is what put me in the mood to develop this recipe for white chocolate cherry pound cake using St. Fiacre’s Farm, Cherry City Chai tea blend.  Most of us enjoy cooking and baking, and making things look and taste great. And many of us are realizing we have sensitivities and allergies to...

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Goat's Milk Soap Fights Eczema

Have you ever had that one person that you really look up to? Maybe its just some famous person you admire? Someone you would really like to meet some day?

Well this farm was that for me. I had been wanting to go take the tour of this lovely goat milk farm that I had been following on social media for some time. Thing after thing would come up though and we just never made it. Well, over a year later we finally got to make our trip over to Bend, Oregon to visit Bend Soap Co.!

Why you say have I been wanting to go to this farm? Not only do the owners of this farm have a large lovely family but they are also savy business people. As a small business owner I'm always looking to learn how to improve our business to best suite our customer and fit our ideal family life style.

Running a business while homeschooling four children can really be a challenge at times. This lovely family has done it with 9 children! I really admire that. They live the life style I hope we can have here on our...

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3 Easy Ways to Ice Loose Leaf Tea

The dog daze of summer are here! It's just plum hot out there!

The plants are wilting if not watered right away. The farmers are wilting if not watered right away! The animals are looking for the coolest spot on the farm. Jasmine, our new livestock guardian dog, has made a new home behind the garage retaining wall in the cool mud. Bad news for a white dog!

The most flavorful and thirst quenching way that we water the people on the farm here is with iced tea! We have 3 ways that we make quick, simple, iced tea with loose leaf tea. When it's this simple its easy to drink plenty and stay hydrated.

Sometimes water just doesn't cut it and leaves us more thirsty than before we drank it. That's partially because our bodies need electrolytes, not just water. Electrolytes on their most basic levels are sugars and salts that help maintain healthy function in the body. Some of those may include sodium, potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate.

Herbal teas lend a lot of nutrients to the body and so...

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Oregano For Colds, Headaches & More

Oregano isn't just for pizza and pasta! Whether its small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), candida, coughs, colds, or toenail fungus. There is probably a use for oregano oil in every home. 

Be it summer or winter there always seems to be someone that has a bit of congestion from allergies or a cold. Oregano oil to the rescue to help out as a natural anti-biotic and anti-septic.

But before we dive into all the goodness that oregano has to offer, I need to let you know. I'm just the Farmer's Wife, I'm not a licensed physician or naturopath. This information I'm about to share is just for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any thing. Please consult with a trained physician before using oregano medicinally.

Oregano is part of the mint family, Lamiacae/Liabiatae. Just don't make me pronounce that! Who ever said that Latin was dead any way? I think I could have used a class myself. 

As part of the mint family the general form and shape of...

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What To Do With Rose Petals? (Medicinal & Culinary uses)

It's that time of year here on the farm when we are harvesting roses to preserve for oils, salves, teas and other culinary uses.

Do you have rose bushes in your yard and hoping to figure out what to do with those lovely blooms, aside from them adorning your landscaping? They are so beautiful, it's hard to cut them, but their beauty goes beyond their bloom.

Today's post is going to explore everything Rose. From how to come by rose bushes, how to plant them, when and how to harvest them. After harvesting roses we are going to talk about the best way to dehydrate rose petals. After preserving our rose petals it's on to the fun process of how to turn them into something useful and go over their medicinal uses.

How to Grow Roses

Roses are best acquired from a cutting. That cutting may be obtained from a local nursery in the form of a potted plant or it could be something gathered from a friend, family or other approved place. There are some who go about collecting these rose cuttings and...

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Black tea. Green Tea. Peppermint Tea. Chamomile Tea. Those are the must have's right? Pretty standard line up of tea when visiting any restaurant or hotel.

What is chamomile tea though? Does chamomile tea have medicinal uses? What are the medicinal uses of the chamomile flower? From calming teething toddlers to a relaxing cuppa before bedtime there are so many wonderful uses for chamomile. In today's Monograph Monday we are going to go over all those and ways to plant and use this wonderful little flower.

So simple that even the chickens can plant it! The chickens can plant it? Our chickens planted these chamomile flowers. They were the little tillers and movers that helped this chamomile to re-seed here in our garden.

Chamomile is an edible flower that looks similar to a daisy though it it is much smaller in nature and it has very different petals. There are two main types of chamomile most commonly in use; German and Roman. Though there is also a Spanish variety.

Chamomile is most...

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When the first week of the month rolls around, all things stop. That way we can ship out our tea mail! What is tea mail you ask?

Some of you are probably aware and may even be part of our monthly tea club subscription. Every month I blend a brand new tea especially for our V.I.P. Tea Club members. (No longer available as of 2018) This tea gets sent out in the mail along with some other goodies, such as our:

* Small Treat from Local/Small Businesses
* Sample of one of our farm store teas
* Newsletter about current month's tea and treat
*Pairing Recipe

This month we blended up an herbal peach tea that we call our Cottage Peach. Featuring locally grown Oregon peaches, something that we have processed and dehydrated here on the farm along with some Oregon Bee Pollen from our favorite local bee keeper. We paired it with some local granola from the Sweet Peony Flour Shop and sent it off to our tea club members. Also this week, we decided to share the behind the scenes from blending to...

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How many of you are growing a garden this year? How many of you have flowers in your garden? How about medicinal flowers?

We started our garden out with just things that could be eaten. It was a way to help cut down the food cost and to know the story of where our food was coming from. Which growing methods were used, where the seeds came from, the type of soil that they were growing in. 

Equally important as our vegetable garden though are our medicinals that we grow as well. It's handy to also know where our medicine comes from as well.

Today we thought we would share a bit about a favorite medicinal flower that we are growing here on the farm. Bachelor Buttons also known as cornflowers are used in many of our teas but that isn't there limitation. Join us as we go over their culinary and medicinal uses!

Bachelor Buttons come in many different colors from this brilliant blue, to white, pink, purple and in between. We use them often because they add a lovely pop of color to our...

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Golden Turmeric Chicken/Shrimp Curry Recipe

Did you know that you can cook with tea and not just drink it? One of our Super Fan's and V.I.P. Members, Kris Miller, sent us this lovely recipe using Golden Turmeric Spice Tea in a curry dish. What makes it super fantastic is that not only is it yummy, not only does it have anti-oxidant packed turmeric in it BUT Kris is also a culinary student at a local college! Training as a professional chef she used her culinary skills to cook up something fantastic! It even made it on the college menu :)

This lovely recipe takes wonderful fresh veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper and pairs them with chicken/shrimp along with the spice that comes from our Golden Turmeric Tea. This tea is packed with spicy goodness! Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Clove, Organic black pepper, organic cinnamon and some of our farm grown marigold flowers! Organic marigolds - just for the record we are not certified but use organic growing methods!

Kris chose to make this recipe by...

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Oh winter. The last few weeks of the wet and the rain in Oregon really start to get to a person. It's dark, its gloomy. ITS WET! Really wet, like slip around outside when its wet, wet. 

We spend much more time in the house than we care to but there is so little to do in so much rain and mud. There is no garden to work on - its too cold. The animals are hunkered down just like us. The only thing to do is to make a mess in the kitchen - I mean be creative in the kitchen. ( As I look behind me to see if the Farmer' saw me type those words... ah hem.)

Cooking With, Not Drinking Tea

I have sort of a reputation for being a mad scientist in the kitchen. I think its usually the after math of my creativeness that gives me that reputation. The latest inspired mess - I mean creation - came from a tea called Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang is a special black tea from China that is smoke-dried over a pine-wood fire. It's known as the smoked tea. 

Let me tell you what, that is the best name...

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