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Meet Joanna Gaines of the Prairie- Jill Winger


What does Joanna Gaines have to do with the Wyoming Prairie?

Many of you probably know who Joanna and Chip Gaines are. But just in case you don't, Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip, are the stars of the HGTV series Fixer Upper, as well as the owners of Magnolia Journal, Silo's Baking and Magnolia Market at The Silos in Waco, Texas. They also have their own farm, in which Joanna pulls decorating inspiration from, making her the leader in the Farmhouse Style Decorating movement.

But what you don't know is that there is another version of Mrs. Gaine's steeping in the Wyoming prairie. 

The Wyoming prairie can be a harsh place. Wide open range with nothing for miles around but flat land and sage brush tumbling by in the wild Wyoming winds. Wyoming is one of the most unpopulated states in our country. That, in itself, is one of the reasons that many in

Wyoming love the rugged spaces, the rualness of life, and the slow pace. I've been hearing about it for 18 years now, as my...

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Kombucha That Keeps on Giving (Continuous Brew)


With spring in the air, dandelions in bloom, and seed planting up on us, I'm also dreaming of cooler drinks over hot ones.

While there is always room for a good cuppa hot tea in the morning, the warmer weather has me turning to iced and sun tea as well as cold, bubbly, kombucha. There is just something about that fizz that is refreshing after a hot day out in the garden.

In our family of 6, brewing kombucha with the batch brew method doesn't cut it. It just doesn't make enough tea for all the thirsty people in our house and so we use the continuous brew method for making our kombucha. Plus continuous brew kombucha is faster, easier, and simpler to make. 

Continuously brewing kombucha allows me to make a large amount so that each of our six family members can enjoy it, daily, at dinner. It makes it easier on my already busy schedule. In fact I've been continuously brewing kombucha almost the whole time I've made it without realizing that I was doing CB and not batch...

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Simple Maple Lemon Curd


Sweet. Fresh. Spring Like.

Lemon Curd is the quintessential must-have for topping your tea time scones. Not only is it the most fabulous tasting topping but its also very simple to make and a great way to use up any springtime egg abundance you might have. Paired with clotted cream made with fresh cream from your dairy cow, this is the perfect snack to go with your afternoon cuppa. No chickens and no dairy cow? No worries, eggs, and dairy from the farmers market or local grocery will work as well.

Lemons have so many great benefits to them! They promote hydration while making plain drinking water more palatable. While also adding vitamin C to your water at the same time. Lemons help to support weight loss as well as improving digestive and oral health.

So, really, we should all eat more lemon curd. Right?!

I heard y'all shout "YES!"

Lemon curd is just like packing spring in a jar. It's that welcome sunshine after a LOOOOONG winter. With the perfect mix of...

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Why Sprouted Wheat Is Better & Sprouted Wheat Biscuit Recipe


Biscuits are the quintessential farmhouse food, next to maybe a loaf of fresh baked bread. They are the perfect quick food for a slower life style. Faster than baking bread, yet just as hearty. 

Today we are sharing with you our basic sprouted wheat biscuit recipe. One we often throw together when we have been working out in the garden or when we have been busy in the tea studio. But this ain't any ole' biscuit recipe now.

These biscuits are made with sprouted whole wheat. Why sprout the wheat you ask? 

Sprouted grains have MORE nutrients than mature grains.

We have blogged often here about the benefits of using whole wheat as well as the benefits of using that whole wheat in sourdough. How it often relieves gluten intolerance issues and allows many people to eat wheat again that couldn't once before. According to the Harvard Medical School Health Blog:

“This germinating process breaks down some of the starch, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher. It...

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How to Make Herbal Kombucha (During 1st Ferment)


“80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract and probiotics can help. Approximately 500 different species of bacteria live inside you. The weight of these bacteria is about two to three pounds.” Institute of Health Sciences.

What we eat and drink directly affects our immune system by way of our intestinal health. We truly are what we eat (and drink) and the quality of that food and drink has a huge impact on our immune system. There could be no truer quote regarding food and medicine than that from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”
Kombucha, a fermented tea packed full of probiotics (good bugs for the gut) can attribute to making sure your gut is getting what it needs and in turn your immune system what IT needs. Adding herbs and spices to that mix just adds to the healthful affects on the body. Whether you are flavoring your first fermentation with herbs or the second fermentation,...

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Savory Onion Chive Scones (Gluten Free)


As I sit here typing this the rain is coming down. In droves..... and droves.... and droves. While it's not cold and there isn't any snow, the rain just sucks the heat out of the house and makes it dark and dreary inside.

Thank goodness for the crackling of a wood stove to heat our outsides. When it comes to lunch though our insides could use some warming up as well. With soup season hear it's also time for savory scones at lunch. Are you eating gluten free? Maybe you have company coming who can't eat gluten? No worries, these scones are great even for those who are on a gluten free diet (or even if your not!).

Here at the farm we go back and forth between no gluten and then letting some sprouted flour and soured dough creep into the diet. Thankfully these scones will go either direction and are highly versatile.

Many savory scones feature cheese of some sort. While I love cheese and so does the Farmer, I'm afraid that neither one of us digest it very well.




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Gather Around - Fall FarmHouse Recipes


 "The best of times are always found,
When family & friends are gathered around."

This is truly my favorite time of year because the heat of the summer is tamed, the farm work outside is mostly done and it's now time to spend hours inside with friends and family. By enjoying the harvest from the summer's hard work and keeping warm by the fireside. Be it a fall family gathering and Christmas meals or anything in-between, this is a time for family, food and giving thanks to our Creator for the seasons abundance! 

Sometimes though it's easy to get stumped on what to make with that abundance. That is why we gathered 14 recipes from farm/homestead blogs to liven up your holiday meals. It's time to gather, celebrate and enjoy food that is as good as the company we are with! Farmhouse style.

Growing up I looked forward to these family visits so much that I made my self sick almost every holiday. Well to be truthful some of it was the anxiousness and anticipation but...

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Rosemary Gruyere Savory Scone Recipe



Ahh, light and fluffy, with fresh rosemary and savory cheeses! These Rosemary Gruyere Savory Scones are the perfect addition to your afternoon luncheon or tea. Served with a crustless spinach quiche and the perfect cuppa earl grey or English breakfast tea and you are set for a satisfying meal.

These scones come together quickly and are easily made in a pinch when you find out company is coming over or when you realize there isn't anything to serve with your tea. But the question begs to be answered. What is the difference between a scone and a biscuit?

According to Southern Living Magazine there isn't much of a difference between a scone and a biscuit. 

"If you live in a country with the Queen as your monarch, “biscuits” are cookies and “scones” are similar to American biscuits. However, just as with almost everything Americans inherited from the Brits, we had to make them our own.
Next to each other, a biscuit...

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How We Failed in Our Fall Garden


"Failures are a part of life. If you don't fail, you don't learn. If you don't learn you won't change." -unknown.

Our gardens this last year have been quite the learning process. Our broccoli was full of bugs, the cabbage went from planting last fall until this fall to mature. A section in our garden just didn't grow anything at all and we don't know why. We didn't put up half of the food that we had hoped to put up. We didn't plant enough green beans to make it through more than a few fresh eatings. Our fall garden got transplanted to late.

But in all of that, perceived failure there really were so many more successes and a large education. We plan to learn from our failures this year and change some things so that the following year is hopefully better. Though I'm sure there will be more lessons to learn. 

In the Crop Garden


When we started this blog back in 2014 it was to record our efforts at growing our own food and eventually we added the online farm store...

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Some may say that a scone is a sophisticated baked good. While I agree that their delicate and refined nature might suggest sophistication, they really are not that hard to bake. Scones take many different faces from a drop scone, to a fine cut wedge, to a rustic round shape. One thing is for sure though, there is no other baked good that pairs better with tea than a scone.

From gluten and sugar free scones, to the ancient but healthy einkorn and those for every season such as sweet potato and forsythia. These five scone recipes are sure to meet your tea time needs and hit the spot. Spot of tea eh?

When Googling scones and tea one might think that each could not be without the other. While one can certainly enjoy JUST a scone or JUST a cuppa tea, these two certainly go together like milk and cookies, ice cream and a cone, or a donut and coffee.  

Enough of that pairing though, now I'm just hungry! I'm sure there is a scone recipe here today that you will enjoy! Just a quick note...

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